The hills-not the american series!

Ever since I have legitimized my senses, I have always remembered being surrounded by hills stretched about in all directions. The hills never do cease to amaze , while I tiptoe around the terrace of my house shared by my parents , a sibling and myself.

Being born at the end of revolution -1990, I grew up with the “new” Nepal. As Nepal took tiny steps to progress, I myself took my solemn steps towards a newer and better me. Trained in a convent and a product of nunnery fashion, I believe the Jesuit education in the words of Mary’s and Xavier’s has a profound reflection in me. The hymns and chorus of love , friendship and leadership sung in the years of schooling always do seem to echo back even after the long years have gone by. Nepal has stumbled in its steps to progress and so have I. My revolution of teen had had its own slogans which has prompt me into my own seven years of civil war.

Getting out of teen hood did not seem a great idea yet again. Being plunged into adult consciousness came with endless confusion and imbalance. Galileo did not have it easy and myself have struggled with the opts of science. The endless question of universe and world alike have not repressed me in bulky books but you can find me turning pages of personal history. Conflicts of sincere morality and utmost wanting-t0 -know has managed to make my life a very real version of  “Angels and Demons”.

How have I survived such dramas of life? Well the drama do manage to follow us anyhow, so I have managed the turn the table on it. I follow drama as it follows me. I have ruined my eyes in the war with drama…. as I somehow plunge myself in the novels of various creations. Page after page and night after night as my countess number of turns spells  into words of thoughts I find the satisfaction of being free and being aware. Habits tend to die hard and I am not much into killing to get rid of my notion of reading…so am practically stuck with my complaining for  very very long time in the future.

The hills are alive around the valley and yes they sing to me. They sang in the past, they sing now and god willing it will wake me up tomorrow too. The hills as I look out from the terrace tells me that life is my adventure and that there are places beyond the hills I must go. Their love inspires me as I move in life, strong and sturdy as the hills. It seems I love the hills. Wait no, it seems I owe the hills.