The cliched exclamation rings out every Friday. ” TGIF PEOPLE!!!!” The cliches are repetitive, overvalued and highly used. One might cringe a nose at it and others might throw scorn at it. But the biggest news or call it the biggest irony here , that cliches are always true.

I mean what not is great about Fridays? And unless you think lack of heavy work may kill you. you welcome the weekends. The work is roughed up and the files are stacked. Books are closed and the homeworks bear a logo ” Next week”. As the times up and the bells ring on a friday afternoon, Kathmandu changes its colours. The Friday evening looms and man! does it loom high. But this loom brings in  certain contrasts…..showing that Kathmandu remains unpredictable.

People want different things, so wanting different things out of  a Friday evening may not come as a surprise. Scenarios in friday shifts between the citizens of the city.

To some Friday is the time for Friends. The week long dramas of life is set apart, as one can see the hords of bykes and scooties on the roads of the city. Coupled with the sounds of laughter and rivival , the party ends up in the hubhub of Thamel and the ruckus of New Road, as the twilight hits the city.

Then again the “F” in Friday may not mean Friends but can stand for “Family”. It  is a good rule to establish a outing for the family on the evening of the day. You ask why? With all the overtime demand of the city life, children might run the risk of forgetting what their parents look like. The plan of a soothing get together within families and beyond is a chance of remembering forgotten ties and bonding. To others again the sitting at home with a weekly feast of delicacies is as good an idea for friday as any other.

Well not everybody is a social monkey. Some loners do like to sit apart on the evening and gaze through the news of the week and get back to that unfinished novel. At the risk of sounding quite lazy some would consider the option of sleeping through the evening to get rid of that weekdays pain.

The romantics get hit hard by the days of the week. So the reunion of the lovebirds in the city have lately given  new wonder and touch of modernity in the form of QFX. Imagine a late Friday evening…..the romantic movie….and a love one on one arm! Yes Friday is heaven!

The face of Friday evening may differ but the feel of Friday is universally contagious. It is such a thing that Friday returns everyweek to our pleasure. But well the monday does come and that is some another story!