understanding- a page at a time!

Not many of us can resist the urge to grab a newspaper and flip onto the horoscope page.  But as once that part is read how many of us can still give a minute of our time to reading the rest? Somehow our reading has been selective. Generally seen , say a newspaper drops off at the front door. A father would browse the local and international activities. A mother would be engaged in cookery and health. A son would opt for sports and a daughter would secretly relish the celeb news.

The global connection has put the world in a narrower space where one short word can fill thousands of search in Google. This has lead to limited the focus on one opposed to many. When sitting with a paper it gives us pages and bullets to browse under choice. Our interests oblige us to indulge in a particular page and neglect the others.

Though one cannot imagine awareness being classified and divided under headings. Each page is  a story and it speaks intently with its own seriousness. Even so each page is seperated from the other, the inter-reletdness is uncanny. It is  no doubt the age of rapidity which wins our world. But to pace out the world one needs to be aware of how the world works. And the truth stands that one is rarely great coming out one page in the paper.

There is a reason why newspapers come in the mornings. Sometimes its even before our eyes open. This allows our minds to fall into the deepness of what is happening our surrounding , the country the world around us even before we realize what is happening to us.  This is the gravity of importance these printed text of pages hold. Reading academically can make one litterate but waking up and grabbing on to the most happening makes one educated.

Study has shown that the individuals who involve in daily readings of the happenings in all places are much more happier and optimistic people compared to the rest.  Sitting inside the shell of one’s interests has brought forward the narcisstic experience. Maybe an adventure could be the look into the words of pages that basic eye discards and learn a lesson of what one can learn looking into someone else’s life. Its a life teaching that reading the headlines in paper can do. It grows the level of thrist of knowing. This thrist can lead to unquestionable depth of comprehending the world which may seem far away but still manages to be our home.There is always the talk of generation gap but maybe this legendary gap is not a big chasm as it looks. A father has to add the other pages of entertainment and sports in his list of morning read. A mother needs to add a flavour of daily dose of Page 3 for a while. A son needs to turn a few more pages going beyond his arena. And  a daughter needs to start smiling at the variety of choice she sees in the paper. So then begins the closure of generation “gap”….going into each others life can enlighten us to know the other person with us. This foot put forward in this case a st of eyes put forward can bring emmense pleasure in the company of one another.

So  a turning of every page of a newspaper in the morning can set out ways to a world where one enjoys living as a part of family and a part of the world.