Here a worm there a worm…everywhere a worm worm!!

We have to deal with all kinds of worms in our zoology classes. We have read of round worms(thousands of them), of hookworms and their hooks  and flatworms and their general lack of their complete  alimentary canal. But there was a time in my life where I had known of only two types of worms. One were invisible worms found in the stomach (as claimed by my parents) and another one was earthworm found in the ground. It was as simple as that.

  As a kid I refused to believe that there were worms in the stomach. I mean who would think of that. I often wondered at how they would get inside me. It was an impossible concept. This would come often as a disadvantage as I simply ran away from taking the medicine to cure. Thus , making me ache a little longer than should take. Invisible worms made me queasy on the inside…and well earthworm made me queasy too on the outside.

Earthworm and I share a deep ,long friendship. I knew of earthworms since I was five and it was always present there so that I would squeeze it.(Caution: This article in any which way is not promoting violence. No earthworms were hurt during the writing of this article.) You know how they are greasy and slippery and wriggle in your hands.  You can feel its moving muscles and nerves. If you have not had the experience of taking in hand a live worm , you should try it(but be sure not to kill it). And the best thing about dealing with earthworms ???They don’t bite!!!!

Those were good times where I didn’t have to read pages on the significance and what not of  a flatworm or read of the drama of larvae life of a roundworm. All I had to worry  was of the invisible worm in the stomach which made you rush to the toilet and of the earthworm upon which I had the misfortune to step and fall and end up with my rear side all sore.

It was a short period of dark ages , but it was a whole lot a better life not knowing of all worms. It really was.

Thank you for reading.



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