Are you are proud human-please don’t be

It all started millions and billions of years ago, when the first plant started sprouting and the first animal began hatching. But very soon the earth saw a species. A species so vast and so small all at the same time – The human beings!

With growing development man has become far more boastful than they deserve to be. He has closed his eyes and blocked out the beautiful vision of diversity and complexity of nature, which makes the world exciting, adventurous and simply awesome. Are you too such an arrogant human? Let’s see how proud you really are……

Hmm….lets begin with your tongue…A perfect organ for detecting different tastes. But wait a minute, can your tongue taste” air”? No way, huh! Lizards use their flickering tongue, to taste “air”.

I know that you can smell the delicious pudding in the kitchen. Well not for long. A salmon navigates by smell! After years in the ocean, it will interestingly trace the smell of the stream where it hatched as a baby. Amazing, isn’t it?

Imagine you are in a dark room and want to turn on the lights; you use your tactile senses to reach the place. But just think living in such conditions and actually surviving in it. The bats catch their prey in the darkness. How? Not because it has some kind of torch in its eyes but because they send out impulses on their way which bounce off on insect and return the vibration back to the bat. The bat then uses this pattern of echoes to determine how close the insect is. It follows the feed back and captures its meal. Don’t tell me you can do that!

Think you are the unrivaled ones? A bush baby urinates on its own feet and sets a mark, in the journey of the night, and follows the mark back home again.

Just about two months ago on Valentine’s Day, a friend of mine expressed that he wanted to share give his beloved the largest flower in the world. Disappointingly, the largest flower in the world is the “Corpse lily”, which emits the smell of rotting eggs in its surrounding .Goodbye, Relationship!!

I understand we are more intelligent but the beauty of nature, of colour and variety which fill our life with awe-filled moments, is only expressed by these creations of nature. After all we are living in a very bizarre world!


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