quite a hairy revolution

If you go and ask my grandmother, what she thought enhanced a woman’s beauty, she would directly answer a long black hair would be a jewellery of any beautiful young lady. It is no doubt that this belief is a story of most our grannies. It is a belief carried from the ancient times where the hair and scissors make an unheard combination for a woman. My granny stands ready on a platter to claim that scissors have never touched her hair. I disappear for months from her sight, if my hair is shortened. I can’t stand the look in her eyes accusing me of being a nuisance in defying her wishes in such a manner.

But even though my granny’s face keeps revolving around in my mind, as I sit in the parlour, I comply for my own easiness. I know how difficult a long hair is to manage, because a long hair needs a lot of management, a lot of time; a lot of energy…well a decent amount too flows out of the pocket to keep running to the store fetching shampoo and conditioners. So obviously most girls my age like keeping short hair, something which we can easily manage while we are getting late for school or college. Guess, in our time we ourselves would be a different genera of grandmothers who would run with scissors towards our granddaughters.

I often wonder if my granny crinkles her nose at my short hair, what would be her reaction at the heavy -spikes- all -over -the -place hair of my brother.

It’s not much of a coincidence that we often stroll upon The Hair Gel display in a shopping mall. Last month itself I could not help but wonder at the variety of Hair Gel decorated upon the rack. With open awe I wondered if all those fell under consumption. As I looked on a young gentleman made his way past me into the section and grabbed a handful of gels ………looked like he was planning for a very greasy life.

In the past, I have easily believed that the men had it easy with their hair. Less time, less energy spent compared to woman who took her time in the pleats and comb of the early morning. Boy! How was I wrong!

My brother sits with his beloved Hair Gel and takes forever to get his hair just” right”. This “right” by the way never seemed to be enough, as he moves the comb, twists and pulls his hair in all directions. It is as though he is counting those millions of spikes on his hair. I take five minutes to comb my hair, he takes thirty. I look up to him and ask why he bothers such an act day after day. He says for a lot of reasons, one being that it impresses girls. Well it might be true….but would anyone fall for that?

But looking around me in classrooms, on the road, infect anywhere it looks like the gels have landed in a lot many bedrooms. Times have apparently changed as it gets harder and harder for men to keep up to the latest. The “supposedly” styled hair has brought a very hairy revolution.

But in the end I can not help but mentally picture my dear granny bend over my brother’s stylish locks. I have a feeling that it will not be a very pretty sight.


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